People and their pets have a new alternative when looking for natural products to cleanse themselves of unhealthy toxins.  A Healthy Change 4 All offers Pet Consultations, Reflexology, Reiki, Young Living Essential Oils, Herb Blends, and Cleaning Products that allow a healthier lifestyle for the entire family, including the four-footed members.
Tammy took her first steps toward A Healthy Change 4 All as a result of having Bells Palsy and then back problems from a car accident.  Finding traditional methods were either causing more problems or accomplishing nothing, she met a reflexologist who introduced her to Young Living Essential Oils and their wide range of healing products. Pleased with her results, she began using the products on her family, including her four King Charles Spaniels and a Laspoo.  Various herb blends improved her dogs mobility, stamina, and playfulness, even her 13-year old dog and a younger dog with class 5 knee problems. Even with good intentions, many of us poison our bodies through what we ingest or through our environment.  A Healthy Change 4 All provides 100% non-toxic, safe products for healing, detoxification, and "clean beyond expectations" cleaning.  Using natural products in a pure form or blended with other natural herbs ( in pure form) can make a tremendous health difference. To better understand how to use these products to improve your quality of life and those that you love contact   Tammy Jones @ (850) 259-5711 or